Anyone that has worn ear wraps (also called ear cuffs) in the past knows just how difficult it is to find just the right variety and finding the ones that have the most comfortable cuff. 

The thing to remember about ear cuffs and ear wraps is that sometimes they are made from wire, not just flat metal strips.  If this wire has not been flattened down and rounded edges placed on them in the area that is around the inside of the ear, it becomes very difficult to wear for long periods of time. 

The second thing to look for is buying the correct side ear wrap.  With many ear cuffs, this is not a difficulty as they do not need to be placed on a specific ear.  With ear cuffs, the entire design of the piece necessitates putting it on the correct ear lobe. 

For those of you who want to get just one ear wrap or if you are like me and need symmetry and want to get wraps for both sides, I highly recommend Auntie's Treasures.  Having purchased from them in the past, I know that they do use a very good inner ear wrap that is very comfortable.  They have a great selection and are easy to do business with.

A classic style, if you are looking for something simple to wear, would be the Faceted Round Black Onyx Bead Short Wave Ear Cuff Wrap.  It comes individually or paired.
For most of us who do not wear pierced earrings, it is not a choice, but a requirement that we find some other way to express ourselves. 

In some cases it is because of allergies to certain precious metals and in others because we are unable sustain earrings, even after multiple piercings.

Our goal is to provide you with the information and choices that will help you make your style more about you than about what you have to settle for.  We want to show you that there are options available that mean less pain and more freedom than just clip on earrings that will hurt the earlobe and have you constantly removing your jewelry.

If you have questions, let us know.  We want to help and give you the options that are more for you.

Leave us a note if you have something you want reviewed!